Three risk-free steps for success


upload images

point-22x8Upload your pictures either directly or via EyeEm
point-22x8Create collections and categories
point-22x8Search uploads automatically and constantly

selects hits

point-22x8Mark illegal
point-22x8Filter licensed
point-22x8Whitelist whole domains
or single hits

lean back

point-22x8Decide royalty
point-22x8Handover the follow
up to us
point-22x8Lean back while we handle
the rest


smart – easy – fair


Submit Claims 

To start filter your results and submit claims for any image usages are illegal with just a few clicks. Whenever you submit a claim all the necessary evidence is then secured with the case submission.

Claim Review 

When claims are submitted our experts will then review the case, and make sure your claim is ready for the post-licensing process.

Post-licensing Offer

The user of the image will now receive a friendly request to provide a valid license or the option to acquire one. In order to increase your chances of success, we have set up an easy-to-use agreement online portal. Through our Settlement Portal we are able to help image users in over 12 languages around the clock.

Offer Not Accepted

If the image user does not react or does not accept the offer, we kindly contact the user again within 2-3 weeks with a reminder and further actions.

Calculation of Damages 

If a post-licensing has failed our team will calculate the cost of damages, and the case will be moved into the next stage- the commercial dunning procedure.

Call for Damages

The image user receives a claim for damages by mail and has lost the opportunity to buy a post-license.

Warning From Lawyer

If the claim for damages is not settled within the allotted time limit, the image user receives a lawyer’s warning.

Case Is Brought to Court

Should all previous measures be unsuccessful, we take legal steps together with our partner attorneys to bring the case before court.

Our experience has shown it takes time from first contact to the legal enforcement. Nevertheless, our actions are always risk free, and 100% free of charge. Only in the event of a successful case does COPYTRACK retain a reward.