Our High-Performance-Web-Crawler searches millions of web-sites worldwide every day.


Unique image matching

Our unique image matching engine compares our customer´s images with all findings.

Cropping, changes and editing will be recognized and considered.


Automatic securing of evidence

COPYTRACK secures all relevant evidence automatically in order to ensure a successful enforcement.


Automatic detection of period of use

COPYTRACK detects automatically how long the image was used online.


Automatic calculation of compensation value

Based on a complex evaluation matrix, COPYTRACK automatically generates the compensation value.


Automatic Rights Clearing Portal

COPYTRACK´s “Right Clearing Portal” allows the infringing party to view the case and evidence, to prove legal licensing or subsequently license the image including online payment.


Automatic detection of infringing party

All images found online are automatically categorized per country including the infringing party´s data. Sophisticated bots collect all necessary information from the targeted website.

PCI compliance

COPYTRACK complies with the highest PCI security standards (bank-level)

Registered collection-service provider

COPYTRACK is licensed as a collection service provider in the German legal service register.